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Steady Flying Enterprise Co.,Ltd

[Taiwan] Tactical gears

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J-TECH is a well know manufacture and designer for tactical gears and tactical lights/laser sights, Established in 1988, STEADY FLYING has already mastering on design & manufacture of Police & military equipment for 19 years in Taiwan. We offering you full lines of production with superior and reliable quality that all police and military personnel can count on for daily or any other tactical duty.

J-TECH is our registered name of series production we proudly introduce to you here; it consists from Tactical Flashlight, Laser Sights, Tactical Packs / Bags and Tactical Vests. Amount of domestic SWAT team have already using J-TECH series products. And upon request by Military authority, we develop and supply lots of new equipments for their special needs. Proudly we said there is not any complain from our customers yet. Our superior quality and warranty policy will firmly protect your interest.

We are not just selling production items, but also offering the best business opportunity and our fast and efficient services to you. Find it out yourself on the coming age. If you have any inquiry please let us know, we will be glad to fulfil your special need.
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Steady Flying Enterprise Co.,Ltd

Straße:1F, 235 Ta You Road, Sung Shan 105
Telefon: +886 2 27663986
Fax: +886 2 87874836


Name und Vorname: Lucious Teng
Telefon: +886 2 27663986
Handy: +886 986456166
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